Seeking Asylum In The United States? Let Our Houston Texas Asylum Lawyers Help

If you have been forced to flee your homeland, asylum can give you and your family the ability to find a safe refuge in the United States and make this country your home.

At Naimeh Salem & Associates PLLC, our attorneys understand how overwhelming your situation may be, and we do everything we can to help our clients achieve their immigration goals. We handle all manner of immigration issues, with a heavy focus on helping families. Immigration is all we do, and that makes us uniquely knowledgeable about every aspect of the asylum process.

Are You Eligible For Asylum?

For one reason or another, many people lack the proper documentation when they first come to this country, especially when they are fleeing conditions that could put them in grave physician danger. Asylum, when granted, can allow individuals and families to remain in the United States indefinitely, and it serves as a protection against deportation. However, there are strict rules regarding who qualifies for asylum.

In general, asylum must be sought from within the United States or at a port of entry (such as an airport or official border point). In addition, you must be able to show that you cannot return to your homeland because you have experienced or fear persecution based on your:

  • Politics or political activism
  • Social subgroup
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Race or ethnicity

Seeking asylum is similar to seeking refugee status, except that a refugee must be outside the United States when seeking admission.

When the stakes are high – and there are none higher than when you need asylum – you need smart, dedicated legal assistance on your side.

Let Us Guide You Through Your Asylum Claim

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