Keeping families together during immigration

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Family Immigration

There are millions of unauthorized people living in the US with their family members and anti-immigration policies affect them.

It is important to keep families together during the immigration process. Here is more about how to use family to immigrate.

Millions of people have at least one unauthorized member

Millions of people in the US have at least one unauthorized person living with them. A lot of these individuals are citizens. Many of these citizens are children born in the US. In other words, many of these unauthorized people are parents and other family members of US citizens.

Top states where US-born citizens live with them

California has the highest percentage of US-born citizens living with unauthorized family members. Texas and Nevada come in as close seconds. Many of these are US-born children living with unauthorized family members.

Using family members to immigrate

Immigration raids uncover hundreds of unauthorized individuals living in the US regularly. It captures people from all backgrounds. The result is things like ICE deporting mothers and separating them from their children. The good news is that even non-naturalized individuals who are legally living in the US can sponsor their family members. That includes older parents and siblings. Thanks to family-based immigration, families can stick together through immigration.

Anti-immigration laws have a steep negative impact on families and the economy. Many want to enter the US to make a better life for themselves and their families. That means they find jobs and pay their taxes. The key is to use family-based immigration to keep the whole family together.